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Presentation skills

Coaching individuals in presentation skills helps prepare clients within differing forums, whether to a group of colleagues or to share a Power Point at an international conference. We offer tools and coaching to assist in all aspects of presenting, dependent on the needs and stage of development.

The following techniques are addressed when coaching presentation skills; structure, storytelling, messaging, delivery, images, presentation of slides, body language, non-verbal and verbal tics, spatial awareness, fear management, voice and breathing techniques.

Communication River has worked in partnership with prominent brands, specialising within the luxury field.
We have a depth of experience partnering with top executives and CEO’s ranging from, enhancing international marketing meetings to creating bespoke international presentations. We recognise the importance of each individuals’ talents, and work in collaboration to develop skill sets for presenting.


Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’, rather than on the distant past or future. The coach helps the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helps them to learn. The objective is to encourage individuals to solve their own problems and improve their own performance.

We offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enables the client to achieve success in one or more areas of their life; either personal or at work. We focus on the client’s strengths and how to use these to best effect, as well as work to discover what may be holding their development back and how we can help resolve this.

Our team delivers long-term, sustainable behaviour and mind-set change. We focus on the clients’ strengths and how to use these to best effect, plus anything that may be holding them back in their development. Our goal is to help the individual to make changes that give significant and lasting benefits.

Coaches have to watch for what they don't want to see and listen to what they don't want to hear.ˮ

John Madden


Pitching and debriefing agencies

Do not underestimate the power of learning this acquired talent. We work with individuals and organisations to develop pitching and debriefing skills; often an area that is overlooked due to workload or enthusiasm concerning an on-going project.

For example, coaching a client to deliver a pitch or a debrief to an agency includes combining; structure, flow and clear messaging. Simply stated, if the pitch or debrief is not clear and coherent there is a high risk of the desired result not being achieved, due to confusion and the lack of coherence.

This coaching course is cost effective; pitching an idea you have worked on or debriefing an agency of a forthcoming project is an imperative step towards a successful execution. Financial expenditure is reduced and time and energy are gained when these skills are developed.


Communication River has access to and works closely with talented production companies in the UK and in France. We engage these companies for trainings, educational purposes, in-house videos, institutional videos, filming events and much more. Combining like-minded people together during a project is an asset and our recommendations are valued.

Combining different agencies and production companies that have not worked alongside each other can often be time consuming, can lack cohesion and could result in messages being lost due to lack of understanding and miscommunication. To avoid this occurring, we have trusted production companies that we can recommend and have worked alongside.

Media training

Media training, unique within the art of communication, is another important skill to master, when climbing the career ladder. Media training can help in a variety of circumstances, for example; interviewer or interviewee, public speaking, facilitating marketing and training videos.

You as a presenter or an interviewee instantly become the spokesperson and ambassador for your company. Media training can teach you how to use words, tone and body language whilst delivering clear messages in a powerful and confident manner.


Within our bespoke course, we consider the whole person and how they interrelate with people around them and their environment. We help our clients to reach their potential, acknowledging what they do best, working in partnership with them and adding to their existing communication skills. We work with body language, voice and the art of storytelling to enhance messages and delivery.


Guy Jones

Has a wealth of experience supporting people to develop key communication and messaging within international organisations and the luxury business sector. Originally trained as an actor and maximising skills learned, Guy is able to assist people within organisations to improve and develop their communication skills in a creative format, enhancing brand messaging and brand awareness.

Engaged internationally, his success has led him to work with prominent international brands working alongside a myriad of clients from; marketing and communication directors, vice presidents and CEO’s.

His natural open style is considered a fresh approach and is embraced by his clients. Often organisations need this fresh outlook to be able to broaden their boundaries, helping them to progress within messaging and communication.

Jeanette Jones

Originally worked in the National Health Service (NHS) for over 25years, and at the pinnacle of her career was employed as a clinical lead. More recently she was engaged as a senior manager in an innovative start-up health company, the first of its kind within maternity services in the UK. She worked closely with key agencies, including the Department of Health, Public Health England (PHE), Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and insurance brokers, evaluating and implementing strategic processes vital for the successful establishment of the private health company.

During the seven years working within the private sector she gained valuable experience within governance processes, risk management, supervision, clinical leadership and senior management. Her challenges included creating coherence and an understanding between the NHS and the organisation, navigating through a shift in the political climate.

As a leader in the health sector she has developed her own leadership skills, style and qualities. She wholeheartedly believes in supporting individuals to reach their own potential recognising the importance of leadership by example. Clients, supported by her corporate understanding, skill sets, embrace her experience and positive proactive approach.

Extended team

With our wealth of experience and contacts, we have the opportunity to engage external experts when needed, who are proficient in their field, for example; a film-maker, an Olympic coach, a voice specialist, an education and training specialist. This offers organisations a diverse platform of talent at their fingertips.



Education & training programmes

Investing in education and training is paramount for cost-effective business and brand development.

At Communication River we offer guidance and advice for organisations when creating educational and training videos. We have a diverse experience within the luxury sector. In doing so, we have also worked closely with talented production companies in the UK and in France to create videos and we can call upon these companies when required.

We have worked with organisations to create or enhance existing education and training programmes, helping to increase brand awareness, resulting in brand development and an increase in sales.


A follow-up supporting strategy is critical for development, reinforcing a coherent and repeatable programme within the markets.

We always work in partnership with our clients ensuring their needs are met, in line with the brand values and equity, enhancing brand and business development.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.ˮ

Albert Einstein


Interview technique

For career development interview technique is invaluable. It is always hard to talk about oneself without sounding arrogant or displaying a lack in confidence. Voicing accomplishments, challenges incurred or communicating strategies; an interview environment is indeed a special one.

Teaching the dynamics for giving a comprehensive interview, this coaching includes; listening, understanding, use of correct vocabulary, delivery, posture and body language, voice and intention, verbal and non-verbal ticks, integrity, fear management and positive engagement, with the ability to give an honest representation of oneself.


Communication River also helps interviewers to develop their skills asking the correct questions and using techniques to probe the interviewee. Employing the right candidate is imperative to business development. There are three questions an interviewer should consider; ‘Can you do the task?’ ‘Will you do the task?’ and ‘Can you fit into a team?’

These three questions are key to the interviewer and the interviewee.

Accessing training, coaching and support on interview technique is advantageous to the individual and the organisation. We are often asked by organisations to create training to prepare individuals for promotion, or for departure to pastures new. Learning these interview skills are tools your employees will keep for life. We pride ourselves with our results and have made many friends during this part of our journey.

Ralph Marston

What you do today can improve
all your tomorrows.ˮ


Public speaking

We support clients to feel confident and deliver powerful messages and presentations on stage, radio, television and online. At the heart of developing effective public speaking is an understanding of the clients’ individual personal beliefs and blockers. Once recognised we then implement the correct tools to address these areas.

To be successful in public speaking you have to work hard, rehearse and face fears. We work together to establish key objectives. These include, understanding the audience, structure of messages, use of correct vocabulary, narrative story telling, fear management, body language including verbal and non-verbal tics and how to use breath and voice correctly.

Communication River has helped a myriad of executives throughout the business sector to become more proficient in messaging, storytelling and public speaking. We pride ourselves on the referrals we receive and the repeat business from our existing clients.

When we are selling our ideas, the audience must first buy us.ˮ

Peter Coughter



Leadership skills can play an integral role in career development and we can support you to identify key areas to further your development through individualised coaching. People have different leadership styles but will share common traits. These include, self-awareness, being decisive, treating people equally, having integrity, being creative, having a sound knowledge base and having tenacity, persevering when something goes wrong.

Effective leaders are proactive, compelling and visionary; they bring together relevant skills required to achieve an inspiring vision. We work with individuals to help develop their leadership skills to promote success. We build a trusting relationship with our clients and encourage them to reflect on their own skills and personal attributes evaluating what they need to develop; we encourage them to find successful role models within the workplace to support them during this journey. Not all people are born leaders, but all people can gain valuable skills to develop their own leadership styles - we act as the catalyst to support this transformation.

The art of communication is the language of leadership.ˮ

James Humes


Educational & Training videos

At Communication River we offer guidance and advice for organisations when creating in-house educational and training videos, for markets and in-house. We have a diverse experience within the luxury sector. When executed well these videos act as an efficient supporting visual communication tool, which can add to your communication and/or marketing strategy.

Helping with the creative process, offering directing experience and advice on editing encourages a synergy that brings value to your video.

Currently we work in collaboration with internationals to create tools, which have been shared within training platforms across the globe. We encourage and facilitate the use of unique ideas and concepts to help produce material that has memorable, repeatable messages.  We have access to a library of actors and voice overs, that we can call upon if required.

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Our Philosophy

Successful communication skills are key to success in work, relationships and life in general.

Successful communication transcends many levels - both actual and perceived. It is not merely about exchanging information between you and another. It concerns transmitting and receiving messages clearly whilst being able to be in focus with ones intent.

Successful communication addresses what you want to say, what you actually say and what your audience perceives; it inspires a synergy of minds.

Mastering the art of communication is a powerful tool. Improving these skills you can make a world of difference to achieve both professional and personal goals.



The key to communication is your message; the key to your message is communication”


A large part of successful communication invokes empathy, understanding and clarity avoiding ambiguity. Not forgetting that communication is a two-way street and it is equally important to have good listening skills.

Memorable communication often includes exchanging viewpoints, storytelling, and anecdotes, provoking the appropriate emotions, which can alter ones understanding, actions or direction.

By mastering the above many doors can be opened.

Coaching, pitches, interviews and presentations are just a few examples of the diverse nature of what has become an intrinsic part of business. What we at Communication River have identified is that you can be adept in your field, but communicating your expertise to others may not be your strength.

Within today's highly digitised revolution, becoming increasingly more present and important, we can help you to enhance and develop your communication and messaging skills.




Communication - is the human connection -
is the key to personal and career success
" (Paul J. Meyer)

We offer a variety of bespoke training, coaching and communication packages which include; brand awareness and development, production and multi-media coaching, team-building and creative workshops, education and training programmes, train the trainer events, presentation and public speaking alongside narrative storytelling. By choosing us, you and your team will develop new skill sets to enhance your business, professional and personal life.